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A new survey from global staffing firm Robert Half shows it's more of the latter these days. Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of employees polled said they've achieved a good to excellent work-life balance. Forty-three percent think it's getting better compared to three years ago. Professionals in Nashville, Denver, Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Diego and Raleigh reported the most dissatisfaction in their work-life balance. Employees in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco scored the highest marks. View an infographic of the  best and worst cities for work-life balance  along with data tables by age and gender. "When employees can enjoy their personal lives alongside work responsibilities, they are happier and less stressed and bring their best efforts to the job," said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. In fact, according to Robert Half  research  linking happy workers with higher productivity and increased loyalty, employees who felt they achieved symmetry between work and home were two times more likely to be happy on the job compared to those who reported they didn't. So, who should be responsible for work-life balance? Thirty-nine percent of employees think it's the company's job. But in a separate survey, 26 percent of business leaders said they believe achieving that balance is primarily the employee's concern. McDonald notes that management teams who support work-life balance recognize the benefits to their organization. "Companies that value the well-being of their employees are more likely to attract and retain skilled talent in today's competitive hiring environment. Basically, happy and well-balanced workers mean less burnout and turnover."
CareerCast has identified 10 of the  best jobs  in today's "gig economy" as a guide for independent workers seeking employment. Among the best jobs for gig workers are: Accountant, Application Software Developer, Carpenter, Management Analyst, Marketing Manager, Multimedia Artist, Occupational Therapist, Plumber, Public Relations Specialist and Web Developer. "The ability to work with clients on a temporary flexible basis makes the prospect of taking on contract employment attractive for those with the motivation and means to seek out opportunities," says Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor, CareerCast. "Self-employment could approach as much as one-third of the employment landscape in the United Statesby 2020." Opportunities for those seeking just such an employment path cover a wide range of industries and jobs. Since so much of marketing and media have moved online, Marketing Managers and Public Relations Specialists can contract their services out to a variety of clients without physical location placing limitations. The location of the product itself has gone digital, so collaborating with employers over email, Skype, Facetime, etc., is nothing out of the ordinary. The same holds true for tech jobs like Web and Application Software Developer, and tech-adjacent fields such as Multimedia Artist. Intrepid professionals have the opportunity now to provide their services to as many, or as few, clients as they chose. Not only are there careers that benefit from the growth of and improvement in telecommunications, making the possibility of remote work a reality, but fields that were promising for alternative employment two decades ago can be even more attractive today. The findings published by the BLS in June 2018 report Construction as one of the leading sectors hiring alternative employees, and specialized skill-trade workers in construction niches are in high-demand. Shortages for licensed Carpenters and Plumbers equate to abundant job prospects, and the chance to demand higher pay. Though the nature of work is much different, the willingness and ability to move from site to site on a contractual basis can also provide a career path for Occupational Therapists. Schools, non-profit organizations that work with children and other organizations will often hire Occupational Therapists on contract for certain days and hours of the week, as opposed to full-time employment. A similar approach works in the corporate world, too, where Management Analysts can work with organizations on an as needed-basis to help improve managerial practices. Self-employment, independent contracting and other alternative means of employment come with challenges. Understanding the cost of health coverage when not covered by an employer is one important facet to consider – and indeed, the BLS reports only 28.2% of on-call workers surveyed had health insurance provided by employer. For temporary agency workers, that number was just 12.8%, and 41.3% for contract firm staff. After weighing the risks and challenges, you might decide alternative employment is right for you. If so, here are some of the best options based on outlook and pay. Figures listed below span all levels of employment, as compiled by the BLS. CareerCast's best gig economy jobs: Profession Annual Median Hourly Pay Growth Outlook (to 2026) Accountant $37.46 10% Application Software Developer $51.30 31% Carpenter $23.86 8% Management Analyst $44.92 14% Marketing Manager $69.30 10% Multimedia Artist $36.81 8% Occupational Therapist $40.69 24% Plumber $27.44 16% Public Relations Specialist $32.69 9% Web Developer $35.63 15% To read the full report, visit  CareerCast . 
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