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San Francisco, New York City are top destinations for workers who want to move, while Providence, R.I and San Jose have the highest percentage of workers applying to other cities. Glassdoor , one of the world's largest job and recruiting sites, released a new economic research study today revealing that more than a quarter (28.5 percent) of applications on Glassdoor were to jobs outside of an applicant's current metro. The study,  Metro Movers: Where Are Americans Moving for Jobs, And Is It Worth It? , identifies the U.S. cities job applicants are most interested in moving to for a job, the cities with the biggest share of job seekers interested in leaving, which factors drive people to move for a new job and other findings related to who is potentially moving for a new job and why.  The Glassdoor study is based on a sample of more than 668,000 online job applications started on Glassdoor 1  during a one week period, from January 8-14, 2018, for the 40 largest metro areas in the U.S. With rich data on the job search process and nearly 40 million reviews and insights on workplace factors at more than 770,000 companies around the world, 2  Glassdoor has a unique window into near real-time job search patterns and the cities, jobs and companies enticing today's job seekers to move. "Picking up your life and moving for a job is a major decision. But in a job market where workers are in high demand and many employers are eager to hire, the employers who understand where talent is heading and what influences them to consider a move will have a recruiting advantage. Our research shows that employers should think broader when it comes to their recruiting strategies, as the quality talent they want may not only be found in their local market, but across the country," said Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, who conducted the study. Top Destinations: San Francisco and New York City The study finds that  San Francisco  is the top destination among job seekers applying for jobs beyond their current metro (known in the study as metro movers). Of the total metro mover population in the study, 12.4 percent are applying to jobs in San Francisco. Job seekers see opportunities at companies like  Facebook  and  Salesforce  within the booming tech hub, overlooking the housing shortages and high cost of living.  New York City  has the second highest share of metro mover applications (8.4 percent), followed by  San Jose  (6.9 percent),  Los Angeles  (6.8 percent) and  Washington D.C.  (4.3 percent). The study finds these cities are largely magnets for the job seekers located in smaller cities nearby. Top 10 Destinations for Metro Movers (Among metro mover applications, the percent of applications to each top metro)   1. San Francisco, CA 12.4% 2. New York City, NY 8.4% 3. San Jose, CA 6.9% 4. Los Angeles, CA 6.8% 5. Washington, DC 4.3% 6. Boston, MA 3.7% 7. Chicago, IL 3.2% 8. Seattle, WA 3.1% 9. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 2.8% 10. Austin, TX 2.3% Top Cities With Most Workers Moving Away  The college town of  Providence, R.I.  topped the list of cities with the highest percentage (52.2 percent) of candidates in the metro applying for jobs elsewhere. Specifically, this means that more than half of job seekers in Providence are applying to jobs in other areas, which would likely require moving to a new city. Three California cities are among the top five including  San Jose  (47.6 percent),  Riverside  (47.3 percent) and  Sacramento  (44.4 percent), respectively, along with  Baltimore  (45.6 percent). The study finds that many of the people moving away from these cities are gravitating to nearby cities that are larger and more rapidly-growing. Top 10 Cities With the Most Workers Moving Away  (The percentage of applications to other cities within each metro)   1. Providence, RI 52.2% 2. San Jose, CA 47.6% 3. Riverside, CA 47.3% 4. Baltimore, MD 45.6% 5. Sacramento, CA 44.4% 6. Columbus, OH 41.4% 7. Pittsburgh, PA 39.3% 8. Charlotte, NC 37.7% 9. Cincinnati, OH 36.2% 10. Cleveland, OH 35.3% Men and Young People Most Likely to Move Company culture is a top factor driving people to move, more so than salary, the study finds. A company with a 1-star higher overall Glassdoor rating is six times more likely to attract a candidate than a company that's offering $10,000more in salary, but has a lower culture rating. Salary can help entice workers to move from other cities, but at a much smaller percentage. An extra $10,000 higher base salary predicts applicants are only half a percentage point more likely to move. Men and young workers are also more likely to move, the study finds. Men are 3.3 percentage points more likely than women to move. Similarly, a job applicant is seven percentage points less likely to move with each passing decade that they age. Based on the data, employers who want to maintain diverse applicant pools need to also reach candidates that are traditionally less likely to move through more attentive recruiting efforts. "You might expect that more money would be a top factor for job seekers when considering whether to move for a job, but it's not. Our research shows companies with good culture and employees who love what they do ultimately have a leg-up when it comes to attracting the best talent from across the country," Chamberlain said. "This means employers must ramp-up their recruiting efforts for groups least likely to move – such as women or more senior workers – and have excellent culture, strong pay or benefits offerings." The full study can be found on  Glassdoor Economic Research  and includes more information about metro movers in the 40 cities examined, metro migration patterns of job seekers, the companies attracting job seekers most among the top cities and the jobs people are most likely to move for.  
ON Partners, the results-driven retained executive search firm, today announced the results of its Digital Jobs Index for the first quarter of 2018. Bay Area employment increased at a rapid pace, with over 4,375 new jobs added in the software and internet sectors for a 2.1% employment gain. New York City showed a 1.8% gain and added almost 1,280 jobs, while Boston’s headcount growth was slower at 1.1%, with an increase in headcount of just 650 people. Bay Area growth was mainly driven by the success of its largest employers, which added extensively to their payrolls. New York growth was driven by broad hiring across the software and internet sectors, with 70% of companies increasing headcount. Meanwhile, Boston’s largest companies were relatively slow to add to their payrolls and the hiring scene was mixed, with only 52% of companies adding jobs while the remaining 48% either decreased headcount or remained flat. “The bottom line is that big Bay Area companies clearly won the jobs race in Q1,” noted John Barrett, partner at ON Partners. “A possible explanation for Boston’s relatively low growth in hiring is that much of the venture capital dollars are flowing into the city’s biotech sector, which is muting employment growth in software and internet companies.” The Digital Jobs Index tracks three key areas: headcount growth among the leading 100 software and internet companies in each city; headcount growth driven by the Top 10 companies (an indication of breadth and depth of hiring); and the percentage of companies that increased their headcount. Together, this data provides a barometer of the current health of the labor market in the software and internet sectors. When considering a company’s eligibility to be included in the top 100, ON Partners considers the number of local employees in each city, employment growth and importance to the local technology community. The Digital Jobs Index represents the quarterly headcount change among those 100 companies within a 50-mile radius of each metropolitan area. ON Partners’ Digital Jobs Index is current as of March 30, 2018. For full results of the study, please visit .
Global sports entertainment leader  Topgolf ®  today announced hiring plans for its 43rd location, which will open late summer 2018. Approximately 500 new jobs have been posted online at , and MISSION: Ambition auditions begin in three weeks. A Topgolf MISSION: Ambition hiring event is one of the most unique ways one will ever interview for a job. Cloaked in mystery, but full of intrigue, these events are Topgolf's special way of showcasing its culture of fun and energy. Applicants are inspired to leave their dress-up clothes and pre-rehearsed answers at the door and start thinking mission-minded. Their time interviewing will consist of gathering intel and navigating through group activities, interactive panel interviews, one-on-one convos with Topgolf's venue leadership teams, games and more. Available positions include: servers, bartenders, kitchen, maintenance, guest services staff and many more. Interested applicants should register to audition at an upcoming MISSION: Ambition event. Clear this initial stage, and applicants will be one step closer to incredible career opportunities. "We are excited to meet the talented candidates here in St. Louis," said Topgolf St. Louis-Chesterfield  Director of Operations Benjamin Wolski. "As the first Topgolf venue in Missouri, we are ready to open our entertainment concept to the local community and provide great times and fun for all." Through the premium experience of play, food and beverage and music, Topgolf inspires people of all ages and skill levels – even non-golfers – to come together for playful competition. Guests can enjoy point-scoring golf games using microchipped balls that instantly score themselves, showing players the accuracy and distance of their shots on a TV screen in their hitting bay. Topgolf venues feature a chef-driven menu, top-shelf drinks, big screen TVs, flexible private event spaces and music in climate-controlled hitting bays for all-seasons comfort. Year-round programming includes events for kids and families, social leagues, groups, golf tournaments and instruction. Topgolf St. Louis-Chesterfield is located at 16851 N. Outer 40 Rd. Recruitment events will take place offsite, and the location will be displayed online upon applying. Hired associates for the new 65,000-square-foot venue will receive free Topgolf game play, food and beverage discounts, plus the opportunity to obtain medical, vision and dental insurance and participate in a 401(k) retirement savings program. For more information about working at Topgolf, visit .
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