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How to look for a job after a stint of unemployment After being employed for quite a while, one may find it difficult to jump back in the race and look for a fresh new job. You may not be updated with the latest trends of the market or may not have an idea of what to do. Which is why we are here. Following are the top 5 tips to find a job after a stint of unemployment 1. Do your market research It is important to understand the trend going on in the market as to what skills are high on demand. If you think you have to acquire those skill sets, you should identify the necessary platform to do so. Put your hard work and best effort in learning them as they are the basic foundation stones for a new beginning. 2. If your career has a gap, address it If there has been a significant gap between your past jobs or you are getting back into the employment field after a long break, it is highly likely that the interviewer is going to ask the reason for this gap. You should be well prepared to face this question at the interview and have your answer ready. You can highlight your hobbies or activities which relate to the skill on the job. It is advisable for you to have a well-thought-out explanation for the gap. You do not have to lie but highlighting your weaknesses in the interview round itself is not advisable either! 3. Make use of your professional network DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A PROFESSIONAL NETWORK. Companies always prefer to hire those people who are recommended through a professional network for they are deemed to be more reliable and trustworthy. They are also assumed to be on the top of every list because an employee recommended through a professional network is like choosing to try a product because someone whose choice you trust has recommended to do so! 4. Revamp your resume Sometimes a change in the way you present your resume could help in making a huge difference in the eyes of recruiters. Resume which is not only up to date but also is an attractive and professional one would make a difference. There are certain websites that offer professional resume templates using which you can make standard professional resumes. The advantage of using a paid resume creator package is that it gives you ample templates to choose from as well as tips for personal interviews. You can very well consider this as an investment in your job . 5. Be flexible Today's organizations demand mobility and flexibility. One cannot demand that they will only cater to certain matters or are more rigid with rules and regulations thus ignoring the much needed 360-degree approach towards the job. While searching for a job , make sure you have conveyed your willingness and enthusiasm towards all the challenges that may come with the job! We do understand the struggles of a job hunt which is why we highly recommend the aforementioned tips. Life can get challenging at times but, what is the whole point of life if it is not challenging enough? Embrace your struggle and stay focused on your goals. Remember, great things take time! All the best!
If you are conducting a career fair, you must be well prepared to make it successful and effective! A successful career fair will not only get you the returns on your investment but will also help you build goodwill and will let you aid the world of hiring.  A career fair is usually a place where potential recruiters meet with potential job seekers and many jobs are generated in a short span of time!  If you are conducting a job fair , we bring to you the top 5 tips to conduct the perfect fair!    Research! Research plays an important role in conducting a successful career fair! Research will help you collect important data that will help you strategize your career fair and will also avoid unnecessary wastage of resources! Research will also help you become aware of your competitors, the hiring trends, the basic requirements of the job fair and will also help you see the potential success rate and risk rate of your upcoming career fair in that vicinity!    Plan! Divide the work of the career fair among all the organizers. Keep a written record of it all. Follow-up regularly with the companies attending the fair. From choosing the venue to promoting the fair, put everything on paper before executing it! It will help you organize the fair and will also help you detect any gaps in the planning. Planning way ahead of time is one of the best tips to stand out as a career fair!   Diversity is the key! The key to conducting a successful career fair is to ensure diversity in your recruiter base as well as the base of job seekers. Diversity will attract many more attendees and will also increase the chances of job creation! Welcome companies from all fields of the work and welcome job seekers from all fields as well. Make sure diversity is your main objective!    Don’t be selective!  Another tip for conducting a successful career fair is to make sure you are not selective of the companies that get to attend the fair. Your target audience is usually limited to a certain area but you do not know their preferences for jobs. Therefore, make sure you are not selective and welcome all with open arms. Make sure your job fair is a place for networking and the creation of employment.     List your fair on an online portal!  Online portals like will help you enlist your job fair. The marketing part of your job fair will be taken care of by this portal. A smart global technology portal that promotes career fairs from all around the world. It is a portal that is driven by Artificial Intelligence, hence targetting and promoting a job fair in a specific area to its potential audience only becomes easy and more effective! The top upcoming fairs of any area in the world can be found at !  So, there you have it! The top 5 ways to conduct a successful career fair!   All the best!   
Are you an active job seeker looking for the right opportunity to put your foot in the door? Well, if your answer is yes, then this article is just for you!  We bring to you the top 7 tips for young professionals to impress their employers!    1. Always lead with your strengths   The best way to impress an employer is to let them know what you bring to the table. Open the conversation with your achievements and strengths. If you have a story about how you managed a crisis in your previous organization then, now is the time to capitalize on that and to impress your potential employer. Always remember to lead with your strengths!    2. Customize your cover letter to the employer     With the advancement in technology, every organization uses various assessment and screening tool to shortlist the resumes. This shortlisting is done through the usage of keywords. You can obtain these keywords from the job descriptions of each vacancy. Therefore, make sure you include these keywords and customize your resume as well as the cover letter to every organization that you apply for. This is one of the best ways to impress a potential employer!    3. Always be prepared for a phone interview   The employers these days are inclined towards saving time and obtaining maximum benefit by investing minimum resources. Therefore, it is very much probable that you may get a call for an instant short interview. Be well prepared for such Impromtu interviews well in advance in order to be able to impress your potential employer.    4. Dress for the job   When you go for an interview, make sure you are dressed in formals. Once you come across as a well-dressed employee who knows how to carry themself, you have already made an unforgettable first impression. The rest is just a cakewalk. Dressing right for the job is one of our best suggestions for freshers!    5. Follow up after the interview    Sending a thank-you note or email after an interview only helps you in standing out from the crowd. Following up after the interview will also help you in sustaining the competition for a longer period of time. It will also cast a positive impression on your potential employer!    6. Proofread all the documents   Any resume, cover letter or any official document that goes through from your end must and should be grammatically correct and error-free. Check for errors or spelling mistakes and make sure your documents are completely error-free. This will help you make the best impression on your potential employer!    7. Punctuality is important   Punctuality is a trait of professionalism and will help you get identified as a reliable and trustworthy employee. Being punctual will also help you establish a reputation among your fellow employees as well as higher management. When you come across as a consistent worker, you are already on the map! It is one of the most common and effective methods of impressing a potential employer!    If you are looking for a job , you may also want to visit , a leading global portal that enlists and promotes career fairs from all around the world. A career fair could help you get a real-time experience of the corporate world and it may just be what you were looking for! 
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