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5 effective steps to design a good CV!

Unable to decide what to write on your resume or CV? Well, do not worry, we have you covered. You can now get into every job opening, you can crack that job interview and be the one who stands out in the process of job recruitment of your dream agency.

The first step to getting your dream job is to be able to design an effective resume!

Designing a CV is now made easy with these 5 simple steps!

  • Begin with self-analysis

Look at your tutorial history, interests, volunteer activities, talents, hobbies, values, lifestyle, ambitions, etc.

Then determine the positions that best match these criteria. Clear occupational goals and objectives will keep your search focused and on track. Also, look at the skills and credentials you have that will support a particular job. Do you have a solid match?

  • Prepare and organize

Create a personal data sheet to keep track of your employment applications and any interactions you have with potential employers. Get up to speed on any competency tests you may be required to pass for a position. Prepare your resume, print your business cards, launch your website, make copies of your samples, design your portfolio, draft a cover letter template, draw up a list of references, identify associations and networking events, and organize a support group of friends, colleagues (past and present), alumni, and relatives to help you conduct your search. Now you have everything in place. Start looking!

  • Search in the right places

You shouldn't keep your job search to only one job board.

Widen your reach and look in a variety of places. You never know when an opportunity will arise or where it will come from.

Consider using any or all of those resources to seem for job openings viz personal contacts, the internet, corporate advertisements, consulting firms, hiring agencies etc.

  • Practice your interview skills

As job hunting is not an everyday task for most people, even the most self-assured candidate can get a little rusty.

Before you come in an employment interview, consider doing a practice run with a friend.

This will alleviate any performance anxiety during the real interview and will allow you to fine-tune your presentation and build confidence. Awareness and practice will make you an adept and poised interviewee in no time.

  • Stay positive

Many job seekers approach their search with a good deal of apprehensiveness. They resent the loss of control in their lives and become easily frustrated by the smallest setbacks. Try to look at the job search as an opportunity to discover what you truly want to do and to further refine your options. It takes persistence and patience, and the job market is constantly changing. Sometimes jobs are scarce; sometimes they are plentiful...and an employer who isn’t hiring today may be hiring tomorrow.

There you have it!

The five steps to designing an effective CV!

What are you waiting for? Get on with it!

Are you wondering what to do after you’re ready with the CV? Log on to and look for career fairs in your nearest vicinity! Visit a job fair and get hired!