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7 step Job Fair strategy that actually gets you interviews

A career fair is a recruiting event in which employers and recruiters meet with potential employees and where job seekers find more about job openings at potential employers. 

The whole point of a career fair is to connect job seekers and recruiters! 

One might want to visit a job expo for students for various reasons, the primary being “a personal touch”. Once you visit a career fair, you get a real-time experience of the corporate world out there!


  • Scope out the guest list

Don’t just roll up to the fair without doing some legwork first. Talk to your career center to find out what companies will be there. Often, this information is posted somewhere on the website! 


  • Target your efforts

Fix the number of employers and the ones whom you might want to specifically target! Do your Research and Development on each of the target organizations. Prepare a customized list of possible questions each organization may ask you and the answers you will be giving to them! 


  • Loosen up 

It’s just a job fair! You have nothing to worry about! Loosen up. Strike a balance between casual and formal. Talk to everyone around, job seekers and recruiters! This will take you further! This will help you establish a comfortable ground for yourself and everyone around! It will help make you come across as a candidate every company there is willing to hire! 


  • Get there early

First things first – you need to show up early. Being punctual as a student only enforces the idea that you will be a great employee that shows up on time. This also gives you time to review your notes and the companies you are interested in.  Also, the recruiters are fresh and the crowds smaller at the opening hour. 


  • Come prepared

Well, obviously! You have got to do your homework! Don’t just walk into a career fair! Research on the companies participating, the variety of jobs that are being offered, the area you are willing to work in, etc! Do your homework and make sure you walk into a career fair knowing what you are doing and where you are going! 


  • Don’t just kill time

You are at a career fair to open windows of opportunity for your career! Try to utilize as much time as you can! Even in a 5-minute breather, you may want to strike up a conversation with a person standing alone, who knows who they are! 


  • Are your collaterals ready? 

Your business cards, resumes, cover letters, ID proofs, salary statements, notepads, stationery etc must be organized and kept handy in your bag! You will be carrying a professional bag now, won’t you? So, keep your collaterals ready and you are good to go!  

So, there you have it! The 7 step job fair strategy that actually gets you interviews. 

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