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Advantages of Being a Passive Job Seeker

The term passive job search refers to an individual that is currently employed and is willing to learn about new career opportunities. An individual that is passively job searching does not actively seek out job openings.

The advantages of passive job seekers! 

1. They won’t come without a reason

Passive candidates will not leave their job if your offer would not be better than the current situation. Your candidate will only take the step if it fits his/her personal ambitions. If you show the real picture, you’ll be sure that you hire a motivated employee with ambition to do the job. If that wouldn’t be the case, your candidate would have never made the jump.


2. They are passionate to grow

Passive candidates show that they care about their growth. Every organization needs ambitious employees that want to grow. By hiring passive job seekers, you automatically bring that growth-mindset to the organization. There is a challenge for the employer as well since they have to create an environment where there is room for growth. 


3. They choose your organization

Passive job seekers take the time to learn about your organization and become a part of it for a reason. They have a clear goal to achieve. The same could be true for active job seekers, but it often happens that these candidates are required to be less critical because of their situation. They might want to leave their current job soon or are currently unemployed, making them more willing to accept less favorable jobs.


4. There is less time pressure

In many cases, you as a recruiter, have to act fast when you see a qualified active job-seeking candidate. Especially in a market where the need for employees is high, it can be extremely difficult to reach active job seekers in time and take them through your entire process.

These candidates often have multiple opportunities and could even be in different processes, which gives you a lot of time pressure to act fast. If the candidate gets through another process quicker or decides to go for another opportunity, then you lose your opportunity and need to find a new interesting candidate. This pressure is often lower when you’re contacting passive job seekers that aren’t determined to leave their current job.

It gives you more time to focus on the details, without the risk of candidates reaching the finish line in another process and sign a contract with another company or pushing them through your process too quickly and hiring the wrong people.


5. You can build a strong relationship before hiring

When you’re targeting passive job seekers, you’ll find professionals that might be interested in your organization but are currently not in the right situation to become a part of the organization. This can happen, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to build a relationship. From that moment you can stay in contact and, once the candidate is ready, get together to fill a future role. This will help you reduce your time-to-hire for future job openings.


6. It supports your employer branding

The relationships you build with passive job seekers have a positive effect on your employer branding. By continuously maintaining this contact, you’re expanding your network, your referrals, and your talent pools. These factors automatically build your employer brand, which helps you reach other candidates as well whether they are active or passive.


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