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Green Jobs to Watch for 2018

"Green" has become a huge buzzword in the 21st century. The labor market sits on the precipice of a boom in the "green" economy with many eco friendly careers leading the way.

Science plays a central role in the green economy, with some of the highest potential income in such professions as Biochemist ($91,190); Environmental Engineer ($86,800); and Meteorologist ($92,070), according to a new CareerCast's Jobs Rated report on green jobs to watch in 2018.

The green economy also offers promising opportunities in business and operations. The highest annual median wage among's top green jobs is Natural Sciences Manager at $118,970, a position that oversees the operational side. This top green job supervises the work of scientists, directs activities related to research and development.

For those looking to make an ecological impact in industries outside of the sciences, Sustainability Managers make $69,400 in annual median salary, and with a growth outlook of 11%, are among the many eco-friendly careers with positive hiring forecasts.'s report on green jobs finds the projected growth outlook for most ecologically friendly careers at 10% or higher over the next eight years.

"Some great green-job opportunities allow workers to transition into a future wave without abandoning their current industries," says Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor, "Positions also vary in minimum requirements for entry, while spanning a variety of fields."

A pair of green jobs in construction and manufacturing – two industries with consistently turbulent hiring for the past three decades – are expected to about double in employment by 2026. Wind Turbine Technicians are projected to have 96% more job prospects, while Solar Photovoltaic Installers are forecasted for a 105% growth outlook.

These numbers suggest that the green economy is the future of the job market – and green jobs are the future of planet Earth.

CareerCast's Green Jobs to Watch in 2018



Annual Median Salary

Growth Outlook (to 2026)




Biological Technician



Environmental Engineer









Natural Sciences Manager



Recyclable Material Collector



Solar Photovoltaic Installer



Sustainability Manager



Wind Turbine Technician



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