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How to look for a job after a stint of unemployment

How to look for a job after a stint of unemployment

After being employed for quite a while, one may find it difficult to jump back in the race and look for a fresh new job. You may not be updated with the latest trends of the market or may not have an idea of what to do. Which is why we are here.

Following are the top 5 tips to find a job after a stint of unemployment

1. Do your market research
It is important to understand the trend going on in the market as to what skills are high on demand. If you think you have to acquire those skill sets, you should identify the necessary platform to do so. Put your hard work and best effort in learning them as they are the basic foundation stones for a new beginning.

2. If your career has a gap, address it
If there has been a significant gap between your past jobs or you are getting back into the employment field after a long break, it is highly likely that the interviewer is going to ask the reason for this gap. You should be well prepared to face this question at the interview and have your answer ready. You can highlight your hobbies or activities which relate to the skill on the job. It is advisable for you to have a well-thought-out explanation for the gap. You do not have to lie but highlighting your weaknesses in the interview round itself is not advisable either!

3. Make use of your professional network
DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A PROFESSIONAL NETWORK. Companies always prefer to hire those people who are recommended through a professional network for they are deemed to be more reliable and trustworthy. They are also assumed to be on the top of every list because an employee recommended through a professional network is like choosing to try a product because someone whose choice you trust has recommended to do so!

4. Revamp your resume
Sometimes a change in the way you present your resume could help in making a huge difference in the eyes of recruiters. Resume which is not only up to date but also is an attractive and professional one would make a difference. There are certain websites that offer professional resume templates using which you can make standard professional resumes. The advantage of using a paid resume creator package is that it gives you ample templates to choose from as well as tips for personal interviews. You can very well consider this as an investment in your job.

5. Be flexible
Today's organizations demand mobility and flexibility. One cannot demand that they will only cater to certain matters or are more rigid with rules and regulations thus ignoring the much needed 360-degree approach towards the job. While searching for a job, make sure you have conveyed your willingness and enthusiasm towards all the challenges that may come with the job!

We do understand the struggles of a job hunt which is why we highly recommend the aforementioned tips.

Life can get challenging at times but, what is the whole point of life if it is not challenging enough? Embrace your struggle and stay focused on your goals. Remember, great things take time!

All the best!