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Most Outrageous Resume Mistakes According to CareerBuilder

The folks at job site CareerBuilder recently release a bunch of job seeker data. One of the more interesting tidbits was this list of resume blunders we thought worthy of sharing.

In the survey, HR managers and hiring managers shared their most notable and cringe-worthy real-life examples of gaffes. These embarrassing resume blunders serve as a reminder to always proofread your resume.

  1. An applicant claimed to have written computer code the hiring manager had actually written. Both had the same previous job, but the applicant did not know that fact.

  2. Applicant included a picture with all of his pets.

  3. Applicant said he worked for Microsoft but had no idea who Bill Gates was.

  4. Applicant's resume was lifted from the Internet, did not match the cover letter.

  5. Applicant said he studied under Nietzsche.

  6. Applicant stated that he had tried and failed a certification exam three times, but was planning to try again.

  7. Applicant claimed to be an anti-terrorist spy for the CIA at the same time period he was in elementary school.

  8. Applicant falsely claimed to have a PMI credential when applying for a job at PMI (the organization that grants that credential).

  9. Applicant included a description about his family.

  10. Applicant mentioned that his hobby is to watch horror movies.