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OfficeLuv to Add 50 Jobs in Chicago

OfficeLuv, a leading Chicago office management services provider that combines staff and technology to power over 250 companies, today announced the addition of 50 new jobs, expanding its attendant workforce to support triple digit year-over-year growth over the last 2 years. Interested candidates can apply here.

The company combines on-site personnel with technology to help office management teams off load tasks, restock and order supplies and groceries, manage vendors, gather employee insights, and analyze office spend. 

This expansion of direct-hire roles comes at a critical moment in the shared economy debate. OfficeLuv notes that a key factor in their growth has been the investment in its attendant team, providing benefits, training and professional development to the 80+ team members. While stability was an initial draw for many of the attendant workforce, career opportunity has been a powerful retention factor.

"I had been looking for a job with longevity," said recently promoted team lead Kristina Conner.  "This is the job that I've been waiting for, a job I can grow with. My position and my purpose here is greater than me just being an employee."

"OfficeLuv is helping organizations around Chicago provide a better, more productive workspace," said Howard Tullman, CEO of Chicago tech hub 1871. "By bringing in new jobs, they are helping companies grow with the service they provide and introducing new faces into office communities around the city. As an organization that supports 500 local startups, we are thrilled to see another local business grow and thrive in our city." 

In addition to attendant team expansion, OfficeLuv is hiring sales, marketing and operations roles to support continuing growth. "Preparing the team for success in the workplace starts with understanding their long-term goals," said Kathryn Madden, co-founder of OfficeLuv. "Our attendants become an important part of the offices they work at, and the care they provide is an extension of OfficeLuv. Every company we serve feels that connection."