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Radial Fulfillment Center Adding 950 Seasonal Hires in Rialto, CA

Radiol announced today the opening of its newest fulfillment center in Rialto, California. Just in time for the holidays, Radial is looking to bring on an additional 950 seasonal workers to the Rialto facility to support the busiest time of year in the retail industry. The Rialto facility will be up and running quickly with established clientele and full-time employees coming from the closure of Radial's Redlands, California site.

As more people shop online, job opportunities in the fulfillment and transportation sectors have expanded dramatically to ensure consumers' holiday packages arrive at their doors on time. Radial understands the importance of providing a positive work experience for its seasonal hires. Seasonal workers will have access to competitive hourly wages, overtime and holiday pay, flexible work schedules, and employee discounts. The fulfillment center in Rialto also provides holiday meals and fun events, giving workers a chance to unwind while at work.

At the fulfillment center in Rialto, seasonal hires will have the chance to work with some of the world's favorite brands and retailers. Workers will source orders and send them to their final destinations faster using Radial's technology, fulfillment and transportation solutions.

"We're thrilled to be opening this new fulfillment center in Rialto and creating so many additional jobs in the process, many of which may lead to full-time opportunities," said Kelly Scally, director, strategic staffing, at Radial. "If you value quality, excellence and the best customer service possible, and you thrive in an energized, fast-paced and rewarding workplace culture, we'd love to have you work with us. Whether you're looking to earn extra cash for the holidays or wanting to get your foot in the door at Radial, seasonal work is a great place to start."

For workers who may be looking for something more long term, Radial converted over a thousand seasonal workers last year into full-time roles after the holidays.

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