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Seasonal Job Hunting? Avoid These Mistakes

Recently CareerBuilder conducted a survey of hiring managers asking them about their seasonal hiring plans.

According to the report, "Retailers are expecting another busy shopping season and are becoming more competitive in terms of what they are willing to pay seasonal workers. Half of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers in Q4 and, of these employers1, two-thirds (66 percent) will pay them $10 or more per hour, a big jump from 53 percent in 2016 and 43 percent in 2015."

Flexibility is key in landing seasonal gigs, according to the study. When hiring managers were asked to identify what turns them off when they are interviewing a seasonal job candidate, refusing to work certain shifts was at the top of their list: 

  • Unwilling to work certain hours – 46 percent
  • Doesn't take the interview seriously – 42 percent
  • Is not enthusiastic – 40 percent
  • Too casual or unprofessional – 38 percent
  • Knows nothing about the company or products – 30 percent
  • Seems more interested in the discount than the opportunity – 29 percent

So when you head into your interview with the store manager be sure to avoid these costly mistakes.