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Tips for Rebranding Yourself

Wendi Weiner has mastered the craft of re-branding oneself and marketing professional skills through powerful means. Wendi left a law practice after 11 years and transitioned from a powerhouse litigator into a highly-acclaimed career and branding expert with a roster of clients that spans Fortune and S&P 500 general counsels, business leaders, and senior executives. Wendi's clients often come to her with zero digital footprint and an uncertainty of what it means to have a personal brand.

"The concept of personal branding is still foreign to many of my executive clients. They haven't had a true need for a personal brand because their roles have been consistent for many years. However, with changes in the job landscape and the way people are researched online, a strong personal brand is required for leadership, networking opportunities, and advancement both personally and professionally."

In developing your personal brand, ask yourself:

  • What makes you different or unique?
  • What are you most passionate about and how does that connect to the work you do?
  • Who are your target clients and what do they like about the work you do?

"Remember, your job is what you do, but your personal brand is who you are. Knowing what represents your characteristics, your unique traits, and the people you serve is what helps formulate your personal brand," Weiner says.

Your personal brand shouldn't remain static though, Wendi reminds us. "Having a personal brand is one thing, but leveraging that brand requires you to build a network of visibility online. In 2019, you will need to be present through the three C's: clear messaging, content creation, and consistent effort."