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What's next? Graduate Job Searching Tips

College graduation often comes with a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, you're incredibly excited to close this chapter and move on to the next in the “real world.” But on the other hand, you know this major change comes with a lot of uncertainty — and with that, anxiety. This is especially true if you find yourself unemployed and still searching for an entry-level job.


Which is why we bring to you the topmost Graduate Job Searching Tips! 


  • Do you have a strategy? 

Strategy is a set of choices that defines the nature, direction and value system of the process you may be intending to carry out! Having a plan will help you detect errors and will help with your work as well! Strategy provides a direction and helps you operate in an economical and feasible fashion! So, sit down in your dorm room and make a plan before you walk out of there to get hired in the corporate world! 


  • Have you considered interning?  

There is no harm in interning! It is a common misconception that interning leads to slower growth in the career graph of an individual. However, that is not true. There is nothing wrong with interning and in fact, organizations would look for employees who are well aware of the corporate environment and do not need additional training to play in the big leagues! So, even if you do not land a job at your dream organization, consider interning for that organization. It will provide you as well as the organization a grace period to be able to analyze and assess whether the size fits.


  • Is your resume updated? 

A well-formed, brief and updated resume is extremely essential for an effective job search, especially for freshers or graduates. Any critical information that needs to be conveyed to the employer must become a part of your resume. This is the best career guidance tip you will be told by almost everyone! 


  • Visit a job fair

Career fairs are places where employers from various fields gather around to assess and hire potential candidates for the job. Attending a career fair for graduates will provide you with a real-time experience and will help you become a better professional. Various websites like showcase a list of career fairs happening around the nation. You may as well visit the website to know about the best upcoming job fairs and go to the next career fair in your vicinity! 


  • Are you aware of “Social Media Sleuthing”? 

Social Media Sleuthing is a process where the employer screens the candidate on social media. Any public information that you may have made available on your social media platforms will now be accessed and assessed by your potential employers. So, make sure you keep it clean and professional. 


  • Build a network 

Building a corporate network may prove to be extremely beneficial for an individual aspiring to become a part of this corporate world. Building a network helps you grow faster and become a better professional in the field. So, begin building your network right away. It’s never too late. 


  • Job search tools 

Technology is growing faster and what are you really doing if you are not making use of it to make your job search more effective and convenient at the same time? Various job search tools are available on the internet to aid in the process of hiring. Make sure you find a reliable job search tool and make the correct use of it. 


There you go! The top 7 job searching tips for all college graduates! 


PS: Do not sweat it too much. You’ve got this! 

All the best!