Froggerjobs.com is a relatively 'new' local & national Job Posting Board. Froggerjobs.com is hosting Job Fairs across the Country not only to introduce our brand name but provide a means for Job-Seekers and Employers to meet.

Founded by former and active recruiters just over a year ago, Froggerjobs.com has over 2 million jobs posted. We expect to have every Employer in the US and Canada take advantage of our pricing structure and have even taken note that several of our competitors are posting jobs on our website. This is not surprising!

Our goal is to help everyone who wants a decent job will have the means to find one.

Employers will find our website to be user friendly and very cost competitive. 

We are not sitting on our hands waiting for the next new thing...we are the next new thing.

Job-Seekers upload your resumes and opt-in to get your Job Alerts today! www.froggerjobs.com