Nation First Transportation Workforce Project

Nation First Transportation Workforce Project (“NFTWP”), is a viable vocational education activity that revitalizes America with a Workforce Training & Employment Opportunity known as the “Maximum-Wage” Transportation Career Program. The NFTWP partners seek to create annually 300 transportation industry--commercial drivers license (CDL) and non-commercial driver's license (Non-CDL)--jobs in each participating Inner-City and Rural Town throughout the United States. The Non-CDL posts include administration, clerical, dispatching, management, marketing, and sales.

The essential key to our overall performance is the “job placement” that allows us to immediately secure employment in the transportation industry for graduates. Participating Employers will reimburse the tuition paid originally by our graduates. Individuals do not need a GED or college degree to be eligible for CDL and Non-CDL posts that will pay from $35,000 to $200,000 annually. However, having a GED or college degree does not eliminate anyone's eligibility to participate in the “Maximum-Wage” Transportation Career Program.

Kenneth McClenton
President and Chairman
Nation First Transportation Workforce Project
1307 44th Place SE
Washington, DC 20019
Phone: (202) 709-8504
Email: ken@openheartclosecase.org
Website: openheartclosecase.org
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