Book launches and exhibitions: What are the opportunities and challenges?

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  • New York, NY
  • Dec 01, 2018
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AWAD is delighted to announce this facilitated talk between gallerist Ivy Brown and photographer Chris E King, who will be collaborating on a show with book launch on-site at our December meeting in New York City. Many artists produce books. Yet anyone who knows anything about producing books will be all too well aware of the low margins in book publishing. So when an artist and gallery want to present a new book to the market, how do they go about introducing the title to new audiences while taking creative advantage at the same time? Ivy and Chris - who are only now embarking upon their first collaboration, will talk about how the show No Opportunity for Regret came to be, how important decisions such as images to present from the new book title in a gallery show and much more. This will incorporate a Q&A and will be of general interest to our members and qualifying guests (prospective members, namely women & women-identifying art dealers)) who are interested in combining the worlds of book publications and gallery expositions. Coffee and refreshments will be served. Special note to AWAD Members:This meeting will be followed by our annual holiday lunch. Each attendee is responsible for their own meal and refreshments. Book your place to attend the meeting via the Eventbrite ticketing system. If you're not sure about being able to attend, get in touch with AWAD's NYC Chapter Coordinator, Dina Friedman, vianyc@womenartdealers.org, and also find out about membership on the website:http://womenartdealers.org/join/ About Ivy Brown: She has lived her life as a pioneer in the very city where she was born. In 1985, when others dared not set foot in the Meatpacking District, she bought a fourth floor flat in the Triangle Building and transformed it into a haven of tranquility and artistic expression. Founded in 2001, theIvy Brown Galleryrepresents and exhibits contemporary art of all mediums. Ivy has dedicated herself to supporting both emerging and established artists of every ilk, from the an international pool. Ivy Brown takes her experience from the commercial arts world and brings it to the fine arts arena. Her commitment to art and the critical part it plays in our humanity is the grounding force behind the gallery- in fact, the first show at the gallery was a response to 9/11. That first show was focused entirely on clowns, and every radical faerie in New York City came to participate in the celebrations. It was the beginning of an enduring friendship that she still has with the group, and they continue to support each other. This lasting friendship is what everyone can expect when coming into Ivys gallery, or Ivys life in general; the two are inextricable. Ivy Brown Gallery is a microcosm unto itself: a truly unique space that is completely malleable and metamorphosizes with each show, while having Ivys personality, care, and aesthetic built into its every fiber. Ivy puts it best by saying, this is not your normal gallery, it has its own personality which we do not try to hide. There is no way that anyone could hide the personality of the space or its proprietor, and it infuses every show with a vitality not seen in any other venue. Seehttps://www.ivybrowngallery.org | Instagram @ivybrowngallery About Chris E King: Chris E Kings photographic journey started in the early 1970s using a 110 format Agfamatic camera. His dedication to taking images ever since has provided technical know-how and discipline required to maintain a long-term practice. Upon joining a London-based photography collective in 2010, he embarked upon printing in limited edition series to exhibit and sell. Subsequent shows and fairs in London, the USA and Mexico ultimately led to the bodies of work presented in this publication, notablyNo Opportunity for Regret, A Brits South and Still | Inside. With imagery ranging from Last Chance liquor stores that border dry counties to modern-day interiors that recall by-gone eras, Dark Spring Press Founder Andy Burgess encapsulates the style as uncanny surrealism. In 2015, Chris was awarded the Big Sky Experience Award with the National Open Art. This was swiftly followed in 2016 with the Best Photography Award at the same juried exhibition, sponsored by Naylor. Today, Kings photography is held in Michael Naylors photography collection, in addition to private collectors throughout the UK and USA. King lives in London, England, with his fianc Susan his biggest supporter and on some occasions, chaperone for photography journeys. Seehttp://www.cekingphoto.com | Instagram @cekingphoto ABOUT AWAD: The Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD) is an international network of women art dealers thatfacilitatesbusiness and collaborations between and for members at all stages of their career as business owners. Chapters include London, New York and Global (with the latter meeting once monthly online). Members have regular opportunities to meet, network, explore shows and collections, upskill with professional development and more. Furthermore, all members adhere to professional standards with the AWAD Code of Conduct.Interested in membership?Seewww.womenartdealers.org/join/Connect with us on social:Instagram:@womenartdealersTwitter :@womenartdealersFacebook:@womenartdealers ___________________ Meeting kindly hosted by the Ivy Brown Gallery.

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Dec 17, 2018