Career Skills: Salary Negotiation for Women (Men Welcome)

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  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Feb 13, 2019
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

Women who negotiate increase their potential to earn higher salaries and better benefits packages. By negotiating fair and equitable salaries, youll be better able to pay off loans, buy the things you want and need, and even save (though it may seem like its far away) for retirement. This class will give you tips and tricks on how to negotiate salaries for a new job. By the end, you should have more confidence in your negotiation abilities. Some of the topics that will be discussed include: -Understanding the pay gap, including its long-term consequences -Knowing and articulating personal value -Strategies and persuasive responses to use when negotiating your salary -How to do market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits Teacher:Kylie Schreiber Nonprofit Professional. Freelancer. Graduate Student. Friend. Women. Kylie, like many women, wears many hats. An employee by day, freelancer by night, and a learner always. She loves her job, like many people, but she also understands what she's worth in the workplace.

Event Date

Apr 23, 2019