JCI Michigan May 2019 Leadership Conference

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  • Boyne Falls, MI
  • Apr 16, 2019
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Event Description

JCI Michigan is excited to welcome you to Boyne Mountain for our May Conference. We have a great weekend of networking, training, and fun in store. This is an event you won't want to miss.Hotel Information:Boyne Mountain Resort 1 Boyne Mountain Road,Boyne Falls, MI 49713 For Reservations please call 800-462-6963 and asking for the Michigan Junior Chamber Leadership Conference.*If you need a vegetarian meal, please indicate that in the registration and we can accommodate. For more details visitjcimi.org FAQs: What is the alcohol policy? It is similar to most hotels. In general, if you are someplace in the hotel that can sell alcohol you are not allowed to bring your own in. So this means the lobby bar, conference rooms, ballroom, break out rooms, etc.; you will not be able to bring in your own drinks. If you are suspected of drinking your own alcohol in these areas you will be asked to discard your drink. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No, you do not. Please be prepared to give your name and Photo ID when checking in at conference Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Contact 2019 Chief Operations Officer Sarah Austin at saustin@jcimi.org What's the refund policy? Registrations are non-refundable Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable? Yes. To transfer a registration please email Chief Operations Officer Sarah Austin SAustin@jcimi.org with the name of the person you are transferring your registration to. It is up to the original owner of the registration to work out a payment arrangement. JCI Michigan will not be responsible for transferring money between parties. Traing Information 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM: Session One Presidents Training: The two-part seminar will include roundtable discussions based on like size chapters and problem-solving sessions, led by JCI-MI President Steve Fappas and Presidents Coach John Badeen. 2019 is almost halfway over, so join the state leadership team to finish the year strong! This training is for chapter presidents only. Programming (Session One): Programming 101 for General Members: Join 2019 Programming VP Beth Plant and the Programming Team to go over all the information you need to know about Civic Leadership Certification, Passport incentives, Project Management Guides and Single Project Entries. The fun will continue with a special Jaycee Jeopardy featuring Chief of Staff Nikki Glinski to test your knowledge about what was just covered. Financial Literacy - Whats Up with Your Credit: Do you suffer from Swipers Disease or have just been trying to keep up - buying the latest tech, fashions orfood? Lets get you on a path of financial health and put those 3 digit numbers where they need to be! Credit scores dictate so many areas of your life: renting an apartment, buying a car, insurance rates, job opportunities and of course buying a home. Its not fair - but your credit score speaks louder than your experience, educations, and wardrobe. Lets not allow your credit score to determine how the world views you! We will cover what makes up your credit score, how to keep it in check and triage strategies to bring it back to life. Training will be led byAndrea Rutkowski, a Mortgage Loan Officer for Summit Funding and who works every day with people who are struggling to make homeownership a reality. Though originating loans is her business, her real passion is helping people have financial wealth and security. She holds regular seminars to assist in making homeownership a reality! Transformational Leadership: Transformational leadership strives to empower individuals within an organization to find their inspiration and become leaders in their own right. In this training, participants will learn how to motivate members, create social change within an organization, and implement the tools necessary to develop followers into leaders. Learn how to maximize the potential of the individual to instill lasting sustainable impact, essential for success in todays organizations. Training will be led byMichelle McGrann, a seasoned trainer and coach, specializing in communications and organizational management. With over a decade of experience in program and project management, Michelle has assisted both small businesses and large corporations with successful strategies to improve employee performance and expand their efficiencies. As a founding partner of Coeus Creative Group, she has helped to build a growing company with clients extending from coast-to-coast. She has served multiple years on the executive board of directors for the Redford Junior Chamber, currently serving as their 65th President, and continues to mentor young members in launching and running some of its largest projects. The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results: We don't decide our destiny; we decide our habits and our habits create our destiny. What will it take to build the life that you want to have? Trainer Kelly OLeary will go over what is stopping us from getting the Destiny that we each desire for ourselves and then create a plan and system to keep us on track to build a Life by Design. Training will be led byKelly O'Leary, a Business Coach and trainer with Keller Williams since 2016. He recently moved to Ann Arbor, MI from New Orleans, LA. Since joining the Ann Arbor Jaycees, he has enjoyed helping with their July 4th Parade and Year Ender. This year he sits on the Chapter Board of Directors as VP of Social Affairs. 10:05 AM to 11:05 AM: Session Two Presidents Training, continued. Programming (Session Two): Programming for VPs and Directors: So youre on the 2019 Board of Directors for your local chapter? Join 2019 Programming VP Beth Plant and the Programming Team to use the tools youve learned so far to effectively train on programming initiatives. The training seminar will also include speed training with breakout sessions to cover specific topics like PMGs, competitions, SPEs and more! Membership: Fire up your passion to retain your members. Learn about membership retention tactics and programs that can be used to ensure your members are getting the most out of their Jaycee experience! This training is led by 2019 Membership VP Jaymi Dormaier and District Directors. Advancing Your Career Opportunities: The world of recruiting and job placement is rapidly changing. Professional social networks are an essential tool for passive sourcers and an essential opportunity for people looking for employment or looking to advance their career opportunities. Gabe will use his experience as a recruiter and passive sourcer to teach you the most productive ways to take advantage of the ever-changing job market. This training will be led byGabe Murillo, a Senior Sourcer at AVRA Talent Partners. AVRA Talent Partners is a start-up talent agency that offers consulting and recruiting services to mission-driven startups while evangelizing the future of work: remote employment. Before working at AVRA, Gabe coached National Championship winning collegiate debate teams. Gabe was awarded the honor of being named the top collegiate debater in the country during his time competing for Wayne State University. The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results (Session Two) 11:10 AM to 12:10 PM: Keynote Presentation Millennials Got You Down?!: This session will focus on the Millennial generation and the key to understanding them as a whole. We will explore actionable tips and tricks for attracting them to your organization, and how to engage and retain them to ensure future growth and success! Caitlin Crommett is a Millenial, a 2015 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a speaker on generations in the workplace. Her accomplishments include starting the DreamCatchers foundation at the age of 15, the publishing of her book How to Attract Millenials to Your Workplace: And Actually Keep Us!, in 2016, and was a 2017 recipient of JCI USAs Ten Outstanding Young Americans recognition. Caitlin travels across the country to spread the DreamCatchers mission and share strategies for greater generational connection in the workplace. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Learn more at www.CaitlinCrommett.com! 12:15 PM to 1 PM Lunch and networking event 1 PM to 2 PM: JCI TalksJoin JCI-MI to hear local, state and national officers speak on topics that will inspire you to build your Jaycee legacy and dream big about your future. Each JCI Talk speaker will have seven minutes to capture your attention and fuel you with what you need to make 2019 a success. JCI Talks will immediately follow the Networking Lunch on Saturday. Speakers will include (not in order): Jay Johnson Erin Poltorak Steve Fappas Caitlin Crommett Tricia Buehne

Event Date

May 03, 2019