Chef--Asia food

  • Four Island US Inc
  • 5120 Rodeo Road, Los Angeles, CA 90016
  • Jun 24, 2019
Diversity Other

Event Description

  1. Study the restaurant’s existing menu, observe customers’ taste, and develop a new menu;
  2. Apply personal knowledge and experience in food preparation, and select and develop recipes based on type of food to be prepared;
  3. Cook and prepare food according to recipe;
  4. Estimate daily/weekly/monthly food consumption and requisitions of purchase foodstuffs, and receive and examine foodstuffs and suppliers to ensure quality and quantity meet established standards and specifications;
  5. Supervise personnel engaged in preparing, cooking and serving meats, sauces and vegetables, soups and other foods; and
  6. Demonstrate to kitchen workers on food preparation such as how to cut, trim and bone meats and poultry for cooking, how to prepare varieties of fishes, how to decide portion size and methods of garnishing according to types of foods served

This position needs 2 years of working experience

Event Date

Jul 05, 2019