[Next Dimension in Your Career] Perfect Your Job Search eCourse

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  • New York, NY
  • Dec 17, 2017
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

Taking your career to the next dimension is all about focusing on effective job search strategy! As opposed to getting caught up in low quality jobs, you will learn the following: -How to Find High Quality Positions -How to Establish Initial + Follow Up Contact -How to Land 6-Figure + up Positions We will share with you simple, yet effective strategies. This is a 2-week eCourse beginning on Monday, January 8, 2018, 10am EST. This is for you if: -You Are Ready for the Next Dimension in Your Career -You Are Ready to Build Long-Term Relationships -You Are Ready to Develop a Strategic System and Strategy for Future Job Searches Employers are literally waiting on YOU--but in order to stand out and get their attention, you need the right systems and strategies to attract their attention. $128 value, normally $98--only $58. FREE Gift + Interactive Worksheets Disclaimer:We ONLY offer a FULL money back guarantee after the 365-day year mark AFTER we have seen adequate work from you to see the results of your applying our methods. We are so confident because we know they work. However, if you have consistently applied the strategies and its still not working for you, then we will refund you back your FULL INvestment. We take this consideration carefully by consulting our Legal Team to be fair to each party. Keep in mind that this eCourse is self-paced, which allows you the room to be in charge of your OWN destiny by the work that you do. We encourage our students to be mindful of the words: ACCOUNTABILITY + RESPONSIBILITY as this is your business and the results you incur will be dependent upon the efforts you put into it. Disclaimer:Our eCourse and program does not guarantee an exact position or even salary amount because EACH client is different. However, we have seen RESULTS from their careers who apply the systems, strategies, and methods. While we have witnessed results from 30-120 days. We do NOT guarantee an exact timeframe as EACH client and business is unique. Should you have any questions prior to INvesting in this eCourse, feel free to contact us via email. We look forward to winning with you! Next dimension is here! Talk soon, Elle Elevate Writing Consulting Services

Event Date

Dec 18, 2017