2018 Winning Woman Wellness: Uncover, Discover, Recover

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  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jan 10, 2018
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Event Description

Winning Woman Wellness A Female in Business Empowerment Conference 2018 Series | Part 1: Uncover, Discover, RecoverUncover your motivation & intention. Discover your passion & potential. Recover your strength & balance. "There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise." - W.E.B. DuboisWhat is Winning Woman Wellness?*a one-day conference packed full of information, inspiration, and love for winning women;*a lecture series led by winning women of Charlotte, who are willing to share their greatest lessons learned, challenges faced, and motivational messages with other winning women in our community;*a community of winning women who want to further their careers, goals, and lives as beautifully empowered females;*a networking and career fair, business showcase, spa-day, educational breakthrough, and day of togetherness for the winning women of Charlotte.What is a Winning Woman?*a human-being who identifies as female and uses her strengths and powers as a female to win at life;*a female who is empowered to accomplish her wildest dreams, who does not give up in the face of adversity, and who does not diminish, sabotage, or dismiss the success of other women to further her own agenda;*a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, or other figure of mentorship who places her values and integrity at the forefront of her mission and inspires the lives of those around her;*a dreamer, go-getter, leader, and#girlbosswho does not accept 'no' as an answer and pushes the limits of herself and those around her in order to achieve ultimate greatness in her own life, as well as the lives of those she loves;*a humble female who looks up to other female leaders for inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.Who are the speakers?Liz Burkholder: "My mission is to ultimately teach others how to heal themselves - because we all hold this power within. I work with people who are ready to "go deep" and to heal issues (self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors) on a subconscious level. I am so grateful to have overcome and healed so many things in my own life and I want to give back and teach others to do the same. We are ALL meant to live a joyous and fulfilling life; we just have remove the blocks that keep us from believing it."HER TOPIC AT WINNING WOMAN WELLNESS: "turn your pain intoyour power[not your poison]" Danielle Lennon: "I had talent to convey a message and retail experience in styling so owning a boutique aligned well with my skills and purpose. My journey to living my best life has also served as a motivational tool for women I come in contact with. From divorce, child-loss to building a brand, my message of success despite doubts became a mantra that is easily relatable and encouraging."HER TOPIC AT WINNING WOMAN WELLNESS: "finally!leave your joband run your businessfull time" Rachel Gilmore: "Today I teach others how to heal from the inside out, to radically fall in love with themselves, to practice mindfulness, forgiveness, and gratitude; to become the greatest versions of themselves, to create financial abundance doing the work they truly LOVE! Anything is possible. I am living proof. I now live my dream fulfilling my calling as a Wholistic Love Leader, Author and Transformational Speaker. I am so excited to assist you in creating and living the life of your dreams."HER TOPIC AT WINNING WOMAN WELLNESS: "harness your passion& creativity throughfeminine sexual energy"Who are the vendors? This could be you! Email winningwomanwellness@gmail.com or visitbit.ly/winningwomanwellnessto fill out the vendor application today!#DidYouKnow...Charlotte is #1 in NC for Human Trafficking?Winning Woman Wellness is more than just a resource for women needing support and inspiration in business. A portion of proceeds from this event will go toward the efforts of building awareness for human trafficking issues and the redemption + prevention of human trafficking victims.Know that when you purchase your ticket to the event, you'll also be contributing to this very important cause.The mission of Part One of Winning Woman Wellness is to provide a safe space for women to uncover our motivation and intention, discover our purpose and potential, and recover our strength and balance. These are the messages and tools we'll deliver to you through powerful speakers, intimate workshops, and immeasurable resources.Learn how to attend this event for free by becoming a Winning Woman Ambassador. Email winningwomanwellness@gmail.com for more information. For more information, visit www.winningwomanwellness.com. $30GENERAL ADMISSION INCLUDES:Networking, shopping, and speaker sessions from 10:30am to 6pm $50VIP ADMISSION INCLUDES: Networking, shopping, and speaker sessions Early admission at 10am Glass of champagne & mimosa bar (must be 21+) 'Winning Woman' hand-stamped bar necklaceby Quad Espresso Jewelry Front row seating reservation Free entry into raffle for gifts from speakers BENEFITS OF ATTENDING: Connect & network with local female business owners Receive practical advice & learn valuable strategies Support our local women-owned businesses with same-day shopping & appointment setting Learn more about & support the fight against human trafficking CONTACT INFO: Purchase tickets at winningwomanwellness.eventbrite.com www.winningwomanwellness.com winningwomanwellness@gmail.com

Event Date

Apr 07, 2018