Your Entrepreneur Dream Life!

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  • Albany, GA
  • Jan 22, 2018
Multi-Employer General Business

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Attention Would-Be Entrepreneurs: Stop dreaming of having your own successful business, and find out How To Easily Plan And Launch Your Own BusinessIn Just 30 Days! Dont waste another minute building someone elses business. Instead, start counting down the days until you can finally say, I quit! Hey there soon-to-be business owner, How long have you been daydreaming about hanging out your virtual shingle and finally kissing the 9 to 5 job (and your horrible boss) goodbye? If youre like most would-be entrepreneurs, chances are youve spent a fair number of hours contemplating what life will be like when you can finally Set your own working hours (and never punch someone elses clock again) Choose your own clients (so you can stop putting up with nasty customers) Decide your own pay rate (instead of waiting for that oh-so-generous 3% increase at the end of the year) Work from home in your comfy pants and pony-tailed hair (or maybe from a lounge chair by the pool) Unfortunately, for many would-be entrepreneurs Dreams Never Seem To Turn Into Reality So many promising new businesses are derailed by a lack of confidence and direction. And its understandable, really. After all, you struggle with Finding a profitable business idea and niche (that isnt already done to death) Navigating a legal labyrinth of LLCs and S-corps and other cryptic terms Scaling the steep learning curve of a host of necessary tools and software Creating in-demand products and programsand figuring out how to market them And even if you do manage to get clear on all of the many (many) pieces and parts that go into creating a viable business Youre Left Feeling OverwhelmedAt All There Is To Do How can you possibly organize all your notepads, sticky notes, emails, random thoughts, trainings, books and folders (virtual and otherwise) into some sort of logical order? Where do you even begin? Even if you think you have a viable business idea (and lets face it, you really dont know for sure) it can seem impossible to develop a full-fledged business from it. You have to figure out Who your clients/customers are and what they really need (and are willing to pay for) How much you can charge (too little is just as bad as too much) How to reach your market (because even the best idea will sit on the shelf if you dont know how to promote it) All that dreaming and wishing wont provide a solid plan, and sometimes it just feels easier to keep your day job. But you dont have to settle for being a dreamer. Instead, take a look at. The 1 Day Workshop: Your Entrepreneur Dream Life! This first workshop kicks it off by ensuring your new business has wings, so you dont have to worry it will sink like a stone and leave you with nothing to show for your efforts. Workshop 1: Are you ready to be a successful entrepreneur and is your business idea solid? Theres more to starting a business than just a good idea. You also need to ensure a steady stream of paying clients. Not only that, but you need to know that youll still love your business in a few monthsand even yearsor youll quickly burn out. Well cover all that and more in week 1, including *9 ways to know youll still love your business next yearbecause hating your business is far worse than hating your day job *2 tools to help you explore your motivations and business aptitudeso you can be sure you have what it takes to make it long-term *What the Myers-Briggs scale can really tell youand how to use the information to build a better business *8 traits of powerful ideasso you can instantly know if your plan has the hallmarks of a successful business *A 5-point checklist to help determine if its the right idea for youbecause a great idea can only be successful when its paired with the right entrepreneur *8 ways timing mattersand what to do if now is not the right time for your new business *The single, most important question you must ask yourselfif you dont answer this with honesty and integrity, youre setting yourself up for a hard fall By the time you work through the first workshop training, youll know for sure that your idea is viable and that you have what it takes to see it through to completion. And that alone will put you far ahead of those dreamers out there who are still waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along. There Is No Perfect Time To Start A Business There is only right now, and if you miss this opportunity, when will you allow yourself to say yes to your dreams? Stop settling for the status quo, and start reaching for your goals, for your business, and for your life. I cant promise that youll make a million dollars or become the next Tony Robbins, but I can promise you this. If you do the work Ill outline in the course, youll be miles closer to ditching that 9 to 5 job than you have ever been. How much is that worth to you? Bonnie Len

Event Date

Feb 24, 2018