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  • New York, NY
  • Jan 23, 2018
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Event Description

Come One, Come All The $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge at NYU is both an accelerator program and startup competition. Hosted by the W. R. Berkley Innovation Labs at the NYU Stern School of Business, its aim is to identify the most disruptive venture ideas at NYU. Join us for our 16th Annual Venture Showcase event to meet 37 of this years semi-finalist teams. Instead of listening to pitches from afar, you'llhave the opportunity mix and mingle with the founders directly and engage with their projects up close. From health management technologies to customized culinary offerings to cutting edge sustainability solutions, these ventures represent the most exciting and innovative startups at NYU. NYU alumni, angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, industry innovators and fans of the startup scene are invited to connect with the entrepreneurial stars of the NYU community. This event will take place at NYU Stern's Tisch Hall. Light hors doeuvres and beverages will be served. Agenda 5:00 pm: Doors open 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm: Attendees invited to meet and hear pitches from the ventures at respective team tables; Mingling and networking to take place throughout 7:00 pm: Event to conclude FAQ What is the format of the event? You can think of the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge Venture Showcase as a science fair for startup ventures. Rather than delivering formal pitches to a seated audience, teams will set up booths in order to mix and mingle with attendees one-on-one. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the ventures, ask questions, and interact directly with the founders. Who is invited to attend? Everyone! The event is open both to NYU affiliates and to the general public. NYU students, alumni, faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about the startups coming out of the University are strongly encouraged to attend. We also welcome investment professionals, entrepreneurs, and all parties interested in the New York startup and innovation space. Will there be refreshments available? Yes. Light hors doeuvres and beverages will be available. Meet the Teams: NEW VENTURE COMPETITION Addinex Technologies is developing an opioid monitoring and control dispensing device, preventing addiction and overdose via password-protected dosage access, excess pill destruction, and data feedback to the medical community. Acadub lowers the applicant acquisition cost for colleges who emphasis personal connections with applicants, by curating efficient communication between college recruiters and prospects. BedTrain, an in-bed resistance training device, prevents the dramatic physical decline elderly patients experience in hospitals and long term care facilities. Curtain Call is a last-minute concert ticket marketplace where users can explore NYC's best hidden talent for less. It's the HotelTonight for concerts! Demizine Technology focuses on proprietary in-home waste water recycling technology that allows anyone to instantly live anywhere on Earth for extended periods with up to 95% less water consumption and without expensive infrastructure.. is an online marketplace where users connect with on-demand video-streamers from around the world to live experience anything and explore anywhere. is FaceTime on demand. Explore the world in the kitchen - with your family! eat2explore cooking kits are a fun, tech-free way to connect with family while traveling to a new countrys cuisine and culture each month. Equipo manages caregiver guilt, grief and exhaustion by leveraging a technology-enabledsenior health care application. Food Period helps women have great periods, naturally. We design natural food products, grounded in ancient practices, that support womens menstrual cycles and help improve period symptoms, manage endocrine disorders, and support fertility. Grocer8 is Yelp for packaged food. Grocer8 addresses the need for a customer discoveryplatform dedicated to the flavor and quality of packaged foods. HistoryLIVE creates augmented reality tours that enable any media documentation from any era to become an interactive learning experience and an opportunity to connect with others. Lillipad is a social platform that is disrupting the apartment search process by employing a roommate-first approach that leverages users' trusted social networks to solve their housing needs. Pepper is an e-commerce company that makes better fitting bras for small chests.We aim to be the Lane Bryant for small-chested women. PraxisLog helps music students practice consistently, by providing a metronome app that also records their practice, which can then be shared with teachers and parents SMART PAD is producing a revolutionary new polishing pad for use by semiconductorchip manufacturers when performing Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP). Sorty McSortface is a self-sorting trash bin. It uses computer vision and machinelearning to automatically sort recyclable, non-recyclable, and compostable wasteinto separate compartments. SoundTrack is a crowdvesting platform that matches Millennials with DIY investors in a marketplace where they can discover, stream, or track ideas they want to promote and invest in. We are the Spotify of investing. TrackED is a Personal Relationship Management (PRM) tool initially targeting job seekers that enables users to record and recall key information regarding personal interactions that is valuable in building both personal and professional relationships XiMio Healths patent-pending smart-watches will act as digital control towers forcardiac arrest situations, providing real-time decision support to rescue teams toincrease a patients chances of survival. SOCIAL VENTURE COMPETITION ALIVE is a web app that allows anyone to teach anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world, in any language, aiming to democratize the education industry. FairFrame is a web-based platform that enables users easily to identify and remove bias in written text and to access materials and resources on diversity, inclusion and belonging. Folt is making humanitys transition to reusable drinkware through an app for finding water fountains and water tracking, a reusable water bottle that fits in your pocket, and smart refill stations. Foodture focuses on narrowing the gap between diverse communities and empowering individuals to become more culturally sensitive through incentivized crosscultural integration. GridSpire is a web-based platform that connects homeowners and businesses to clean energy solution providers and lenders. We provide a service that makes finding on-site energy solutions more accessible, enjoyable, and lucrative for all participants. MarketVote's platform matches users with companies that share the same political and social priorities and then provides and rewards and discounts to incentivize loyalty to these companie and, ultimately, continued support of the social issues they care about. motivote is a platform that boosts young voter turnout and civic participation by making the process fun, social, and habit-forming. Users form teams, commit to voting, and stay engaged with gamified incentives and friendly competition. Seeds provides plant-based meals with a buy one, give one delivery service that helps low-income communities thrive. It is Blue Apron meets Toms for conscious eaters. Taqadam optimizes technology and human intelligence to build quality datasets for AI, transforming a social challenge of youth unemployment and mass displacement in the MENA region to a market opportunity providing digital jobs. TECHNOLOGY VENTURE COMPETITION DeepMagics computer vision technology and AI enables brick-and-mortar retailers to enhance the shopper experience, prevent shrinkage, and run stores autonomously. DeepSense provides an AI-powered acoustic sensor that enables high-volume manufacturers to reduce downtime, repair costs and waste by automatically detecting and diagnosing machinery faults in real-time. Evisia offers a new diagnostic tool for blood cancers that quickly and effectively identifies complex biomarkers, resulting in faster, more precise, and more detailed results. Merciless Motors has developed a new, improved electric motor to facilitate the worlds transition to sustainable electrical energy. Multicorder Science Corporation provides an educational platform to teach experimental sciences such as biology, physics, and chemistry at the K-12 levels by offering both a hardware sensor and a companion desktop, smartphone or web application. qMind is developing a device that will track brain activity during meditation, provide guidance and feedback, and connect with others to improve mental wellbeing. Rezonn Biosystems produces a portable fiber-optic biosensor system for high-throughput screening of drug candidates, diagnosis of infectious diseases, and academic research in biology, biochemistry, and medicine. Sunthetics drives sustainable change in the fashion industry by providing a solar-powered pathway to manufacture environmentally-friendly nylon. Sympal, Inc. creates a comfortable orthodontic user experience by straightening teeth and also improving facial profiles with environmentally-friendly clear retainers infused with antimicrobial properties and fluoride releasing agents.

Event Date

Feb 21, 2018