Closing the Gender Pay Gap Salary negotiation workshop

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  • San Francisco, CA
  • Mar 12, 2018
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

ChickTech Bay Area is hosting an exclusive workshop with the American Association of University Women! Did you know that 1 year out of college women are already paid significantly less than their male counterparts? AAUWs Work Smart program teaches women how to determine their market worth based on their skills, experience, performance, qualifications, and responsibilities on the job. Negotiation can help women get fair pay as well as set a benchmark for future salary increases. This workshop utilizes the latest research and teaches negotiation strategies to help women navigate the complexities of job offers and promotion opportunities. In an independent evaluation, 96% of women who attended an AAUW Work Smart program indicated they were extremely likely or somewhat likely to implement the ideas and concepts learned at the workshop. Work Smart is designed for women who are already in the workfoce, regardless of age or career level. Dont be left behind! Topics:- Learn about the wage gap, including its long-term consequences- Benchmark a target salary and benefits using market research- Develop an arsenal of persuasive responses to use when negotiating- Build confidence in your negotiation style through facilitated discussion and role play You will need to RSVP to claim your spot since we have a limited number of spots! What to bringPen Meetup Link:

Event Date

Mar 21, 2018