Why Talent is Your #1 Growth Strategy

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  • Chandler, AZ
  • Mar 14, 2018
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

How can you use talent as the primary driver for business growth? In a world where margins are getting slimmer, people are a strong competitive edge that a business can use to increase its bottom line. Ken Butler will share the Y Scouts proven leadership model which helps you attract, assess, and retain the best talent in your industry. In this session you will learn why: In early growth, why you must not hire a hierarchy In a startup, why everyone is in sales You must always be looking for talent Learn about the 3 characteristics that must be present in your leaders here: https://youtu.be/GdyeFHjooYc Our Speakers Ken Butler: Im comfortable with being a beginner, which means Im not afraid to work in emerging markets, or in uncharted territory. Before I found my calling as a recruiter, I was a touring musician, playing for crowds of 50 to 500,000. As a rock n roller, I knew I didnt fit in the typical corporate world. I needed innovation, creativity, and attitude. Thats why recruiting for an innovative company that is pushing the boundaries of average is tailor made for me. After working a few years in a boutique recruiting firm, I joined Y Scouts in 2016, and havent looked back. Audiophile with a diverse taste in music, art, and food Adventurer the further out into the wild I get, the happier I am Aaron Bare: My professional life has been focused around connecting people to their purpose. For the last 10 years, I have been Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Arizona State University, Thunderbird School of Global Management or Arizona Commerce Authority. I launched a platform called Purposely that enhanced over 50 University Career Centers and over 1,000,000 students through a fully digital video, assessment & recruitment matching platform for their students. I've also worked building companies focused on Executive Recruiting, Medical Recruiting, Cultural Assessments, Employment Assessments, Employment Branding, Job Fairs and many Job Boards, developing an understanding on all sides on Human Capital. And led an award-winning digital strategy firm called Buzz Mouth for 15 years with clients from Coca-Cola to Comedy Central. Most recently, I have traveled around the world to see how innovation and purpose are driving the world and startup eco-systems forward. These experiences led me directly to Y Scouts. Traveled to over 75+ countries and all 50 states Sold 12 Companies

Event Date

Mar 29, 2018