Women Who Kick Ass!

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  • Mountain View, CA
  • Apr 25, 2018
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

Awesome women doing awesome things! Atlassian is excited to host the first in a series of events:Women Who Kick Ass! What isWomen who kick ass? We're about helping women do awesome things - both professionally, and personally. We want to inspire women, teach them, learn from them, and help them get ahead. Featuring A discussion with the brilliantBeth Carey, CEO and co-founder ofdeep tech AI startup Pat Inc.Patis changing how humans communicate with machines through natural language understanding, and Beth is going to take us through this compelling problem space. She'll go into how Pat built their technology, and share the exciting applications it could have. The amazingDia Bondi, communications coach and auctioneer,teaching us how to ask for money - for ourselves, our businesses, and our campaigns.Dia has built her career on crafting narratives for leaders in government, global brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Now she's going to help us work on our storytelling and leadership skills so we can learn how to be agents for ourselves and our businesses, and #asklikeanauctioneer. Ask the room, aportion of the nightin which you can ask a question to the room, and anyone with experience/advice can answer - because we think our attendees have as much to offer and share as our presenters. Location:Atlassian, 321 East Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View.When: Wednesday, May 2nd, 6pm - 8pmFood and drinks will be provided from 6pm, with talks starting at 6:30pm.Check in will also be ending at 6:30pm so please plan to arrive before that! Find us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/424212588036804/ Will there be food? Yes! And it's food catered by female-owned organizations. This time we've got Town Kitchen doing our catering.Theyprovide Bay Area foster and re-entry youth with fair-wage employment, on-the-job training and pathways to upward economic mobility, so you can feel good knowing the food you're eating is making a positive difference in the world. Will there be drinks? As if that's even a question. Of course there will be. Does it cost anything? Only $10 - and you'll easily get that value back just from the food and drinks. Where is the money going? Our event is sponsored by Atlassian, who are shouldering all the costs - so all the money we make is going straight to charity. This month we'll be donating to the International Rescue Committee's A Year of School initiative, which provides schooling for young girls in third world countries whose families can't afford to provide them with an education. Getting there: Atlassian is located at 321 East Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View. (If you're Google mapping this, make sure you don't go to 321 East Evelyn Avenue, Sunnyvale - it's a completely different place!) There's an abundance of free parking on the campus. If you're getting there via public transport, the closest Caltrain station is Mountain View. From there you can rideshare/bike/walk to the office (it takes about 20 minutes at a brisk pace). Atlassian Mountain View is committed to maintaining an inclusive, harassment-free atmosphere. Attendees, speakers and participants must all abide by our Code of Conduct (http://confcodeofconduct.com/).

Event Date

May 02, 2018