CNECT Global Entrepreneurship Conference: Redefining Boundaries

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  • Stanford, CA
  • Mar 30, 2018
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

Make sure to also RSVP on Facebook for updates: The CNECT Conference is a 2-day immersion in Global Entrepreneurship hosted at Stanford University. Seasoned entrepreneurs, including the CEO of Evernote, VP of Engineering at Google, and Co-Founder of Ulu Ventures, will join the most passionate student entrepreneurs from around the globe to discuss and deconstruct different entrepreneurial ecosystems. We invite any entrepreneurial-minded people can attend the conference by registering here. More information can be found at, or Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students, is Stanford's premier student entrepreneurship group,which has hosted events like our $100,000 Startup Challenge, Startup Career Fair, Women in Entrepreneurship Summit, and Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders class for over 20 years. We've been a part of one of the first rounds of funding for Kiva, got to work alongside Kevin Systrom (founder of Instagram) when he was a BASES Officer, hosted Mark Zuckerberg as an ETL speaker, and much more. Join us for our next venture: the CNECT Global Entrepreneurship Conference! The Central Network of Entrepreneurial Collegiate Teams (CNECT) was founded by teams working out of Stanford University (BASES), Columbia University (CORE), Harvard University (Harvard Ventures), Northwestern University (EPIC), and others. Together, we rotate hosting this conference each year. You will be able to hear from the top entrepreneurial minds in the world while discussing the different manifestations of entrepreneurship. Most importantly, you will make meaningful connections to both student and professional entrepreneurs in order to grow your personal network. Discussion topics will include: venture capital, social entrepreneurship, education technology, social media, and comparative entrepreneurship. For more information, visit our website at

Event Date

Apr 13, 2018