Proven Job Search Strategies in Corporate America

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  • Bloomington, IL
  • Apr 25, 2018
Multi-Employer General Business

Event Description

"Proven Job Search Strategies in Corporate America" In this Fun, Challenging and Motivational Seminar, Dan shares over 30 years of Job search and SUCCESS knowledge, highlighting not only what to do, but what NOT to do when searching for a job. He will tell you things you probably won't hear from your friends, books, the internet, HR, the Pastor, recruiters, or hiring managers, but these are things you NEED to know in today's competitive environment. Learn how to take control of the process, spend less time searching/applying/stressing/getting rejected, AND more time negotiating the next job that you really want. During this seminar, you will be capturing ideas, notes, goals and follow-up questions in your workbook, so bring a pen. Also bring your mobile device with the LinkedIn app loaded up and your access clear, so you can refer to select sections there during the seminar. And invite a friend to register - Job searches can be stressful, so its better to pair-up and help each other out ! Agenda: 5:00 - 5:30 Registration Check-In, Light Snacks & informal networking 5:30 - 8:00 Seminar [30 min break at halfway point ] 8:00 - 8:30 Open Q & A In Central Illinois, you are competing with a hundred or maybe several hundred professionals/maybe into the thousand on the active job market. And many of them, perhaps like you. for the first time on the job market in the long time, maybe even first time ever. But in Chicago, St. Louis and other big cities all around the country, you are competing with thousands and tens of thousands and maybe even a hundred thousand Professionals for jobs. And many of those people have been through job search process several times in the last five to ten years. Do you know what they know? Can you afford NOT to know? Finding a new/better job can be stressful, but it can be much less so if you: - Know Yourself [ skills, career goals, desires, location options, start date, etc.] - Know how the Market will know YOU~ - Learn how your role/skills & strengths best translate into other roles, other jobs, other companies - Know your Network [ why you should acept invites on Linked In from people you do not TOTALLY "know", and other basic stuff] - Know the Market - Keep Calm and Post on~ BREAK - Keeping a Healthy Balance during the job search process - Know the Recruiting Process [LinkedIn as first step in screening] - Know the Hiring Authorities - Know your Resume [Job boards and when to update] - Know about interviews & pay rates [Is this the most stressful part, or what?] - Know what to do when you get your firstJOB OFFER Seminar Leader: Dan Miklusicak is a highly sought-after consultant with 30+ years in areas including Big5 Mgt Consulting, Prog Mgt, leading major F500 xforms & programs in traditional & lean-agile at clients including Discover, Johnson Controls, Target, McDonalds, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, US Air Force, Ameren & State Farm. Alife-long learner, certs include SAFe Program Consultant [SPC4], PMP, TOGAF-Arch, ITILv3, CSM, DSDM, e-Commerce and Lean6Sigma. Dan retired as a Major from USAF Reserves and has consulted at over 2 dozen companies in 7 major industries. He brings a wealth of knowledge about the job search process, and ultimately, GETTING THE JOB OFFER. Dan's Public Profile: MORE INFO: Note: this will not be a job-fair event - it will be higher level, focused on learning & discussing Job Search Strategies/Best Practices in Corporate America, not specific jobs available across the market place right this moment, nor is the a resume writing workshop - this is much bigger than that. What to bring - Laptop or mobile device with LinkedIn App, and be connected [now, don't wait] to speaker Daniel Miklusicak in advance for interactive networking - Your Busines Cards [but NOT your resume] ________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Bonus Material - Info on Dan's Scaled Agile Framework [SAFe] agile cert courses:Certification courses Dan is also the cert instructor for several valuable and highly marketable courses taught right in Bloomington/Normal Evenings/Weekends/Weekdays SSM Cert- SAFe Scrum Master SA Cert- Leading SAFe [w/SAFe Agilist cert] SASM Cert- SAFe Advanced Scrum Master POPM Cert- Product Owner/Product Manager SAFe [ ] is the worlds leading framework for implementing enterprise agility. Now practiced in over 70% of the US Fortune 100, this proven framework has shown to significantly improve time to market, predictability, product quality and employee engagement. If your are in the job search mode, one of these certs may be a good thing to earn and add to your resume. Instructor Info: Public Profile: Instructor: Daniel J. Miklusicak, Lean-Agile/SAFe Transformation Consultant & Instructor

Event Date

May 03, 2018